Sometimes, fundraising can be boring and a little monotonous.  It’s important to steer clear of repetition and refrain from yearly fundraising routines.

If things are stale donors or potential supporters will eventually get tired of the same old fundraising ideas and events. People will only participate in a candy, cookie, or meat sale so many times before you scare would be contributors away.

Keeping it fresh is important to avoid the following pitfalls of fundraising:

  • Unwilling fundraisers – who wants to participate in the same fundraiser year after year.
  • Unhappy volunteers – they’ll move on to another more exciting challenge or just plain quit!
  • Unsatisfied donors – you have to create excitement and offer something innovative and different to capture your audience.

This is why coming up with a unique fundraising idea really matters to the success of your campaign!

Using one style of fundraiser over and over again could create disinterest and disconnect with your audience, remember it’s much easier to keep existing donors then finding new ones. Don’t let that happen to your school, sports team, or charity, try using custom scarves for your next fundraiser!

Written by Steven McAuley

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