How to Create BUZZ around Your Scarf Fundraiser

How to Create BUZZ around Your Scarf Fundraiser

How to Create BUZZ around Your Scarf Fundraiser

“Word-of-mouth advertising has become a powerful way to promote and will remain the most genuine method to reach your audience when it’s coming from real product users. These days everyone from kids to adults have become hyper-aware of being marketed to, and continually rebel against it. For fundraising purposes, it is important to create a buzz around the product to guarantee its success.”


Social Networking

Set up an account, event page or YouTube video for your fundraiser, and keep updating!

Daily Announcements

Display the scarves at an assembly or meeting; a captive audience is hard to come by, take advantage. Try contacting local media with a press release, or put an update in a memo or newsletter. Send email blasts to parents, friends, staff and anyone who will listen; they can spread the word too.

Guerilla Marketing

It’s important to make your product visible and you can do this in several different ways:

  • Give scarves to students, faculty, coaches, or employees – this will make your product visible around your business, school or training facility.
  • Try hanging scarves in your gym, clubhouse, meeting room or on a local landmark (mascot/statue).
  • If you want to be really sneaky (and who doesn’t), hide them somewhere to be found unsuspectingly.


Parents, teachers, staff and anyone who wants to help; this will build popularity and connection between your community and the fundraising item.