At Ruffneck Scarves Canada we want to do everything we can to provide our customers with the best experience possible.

Many of our customers have had great success using scarves to generate money through fundraisers and group events. We realize it’s not always easy running a successful fundraiser so we wanted to do whatever we could to help. That is why we are now providing our customers with personalized pre-order forms for their fundraisers!

The image above is an example of what your custom pre-order form could look like.

We have often heard from past customers about successful pre-sales where more than 50% of their scarves sold before they even arrived; that’s impressive! Charging $20 for a pre-purchase and $25 after the scarves arrive can create a valuable incentive for people to order early and encourage sales.

Fundraising is a very important part of youth and high school athletics and we want to pass along our expertise and knowledge to our loyal customers. Now get out there and fund raise!

To make custom scarves just fill out a Ruffneck order request form and follow these 5 simple steps!

Written by Steven McAuley

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